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Expertise in Diabetes Mellitus: HELP
@ Los Angeles area
Based on 1,410 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, D G Armstrong is the top-rated expert in Diabetes Mellitus in the Los Angeles area.


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US Pacific Zone
Los Angeles area
Los Angeles
Santa Monica
Thousand Oaks
Long Beach
Downey, CA
Newport Beach
Harbor City, CA
University of Southern California
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
University of California Irvine
Miscellaneous institutions in Los Angeles
City of Hope National Medical Center
Harbor UCLA Medical Center
Miscellaneous institutions in Pasadena
Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System
Drew University of Medicine and Science
Jules Stein Eye Institute
Doheny Eye Institute
RAND Corporation
Miscellaneous institutions in Thousand Oaks
California Institute of Technology
Miscellaneous institutions in Irvine
Kaiser Los Angeles
California State University Northridge
Allergan Inc.
Miscellaneous institutions in Long Beach
University of California Riverside
Miscellaneous institutions in Torrance
Miscellaneous institutions in Riverside
Long Beach VA Hospital
Children's Hospital of Orange County
Miscellaneous institutions in Duarte
Miscellaneous institutions in Fullerton
Miscellaneous institutions in Newport Beach
Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center
Huntington Medical Research Institutes
Good Samaritan Hospital of Los Angeles
Miscellaneous institutions in Santa Monica
Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
Miscellaneous institutions in Downey, CA
West Los Angeles VA Healthcare Center
Armstrong, D G
Roep, B
Li, Wei
Peters, A L
Wang, Wei
Wang, Ying
Budoff, M
Natarajan, Rama
Boyer, D
Liu, Ming
Li, Qiang
Davidson, Mayer B
Bergman, R N
Lawrence, J M
Zhang, Yuan
Frias, Juan
Gao, Feng
Liu, Yu
Wang, Ping
Sacks, David A
Saisho, Y
Reddy, Marpadga A
Matveyenko, A
Tsui, Irena
Liu, Simin
Fonarow, Gregg C
Mangione, Carol M
Jaacks, L
Butler, Peter C
Langefeld, Carl
Zhang, Jing
Kalantar-Zadeh, Kamyar
Wong, N D
Jovanovič, Lois
Li, Yang
Buchanan, T A
Raymond, J
Kaul, Sanjay
Kato, Mitsuo
Sadda, S
Wu, Tao
Shekelle, Paul
Zhou, Jun
Kaufman, Francine
Adler, Sharon
Moreno, Gerardo
Uji, A
Black, M H
Wood, Jamie
Lin, Lin
Jiang, Lu
Chen, Y-D I
Yang, Yang
Stefanovski, D
Chen, Y
Wang, X
Li, X
Setiawan, V W
Li, Xiaoyan
Xiang, A H
--Omitted 1,778 lower-scoring
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