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Expertise in Endometriosis: HELP
@ Vancouver
Based on 79 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, L Giudice is the top-rated expert in Endometriosis in Vancouver.


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British Columbia
University of British Columbia
Miscellaneous institutions in Vancouver
British Columbia Cancer Agency
World Endometriosis Society
Vancouver General Hospital
Simon Fraser University
British Columbia Children's Hospital
Giudice, L
Missmer, S
Taylor, Robert N
Johnson, N
Abrao, Mauricio S
Hummelshoj, L
Allaire, Catherine
Horne, A
Bedaiwy, Mohamed
Yong, P
Saunders, Philippa
Kiesel, L
Anglesio, M
Williams, C
Sharpe-Timms, K L
Martin, D C
Rombauts, L
Noga, H
Senz, Janine
Wang, Yi Kan
Cochrane, Dawn R
Bashashati, Ali
Burgess, Susan
Albert, Arianne
Nazeran, T
Orr, N
Tan, Justin
Zhan, Hong
Huntsman, D
Taskin, Omur
Peng, Bo
Horlings, H M
Ha, Gavin
Lac, V
Tessier-Cloutier, B
Lisonkova, Sarka
Shah, Sohrab P
Prentice, L M
Alotaibi, Fahad
Karnezis, Anthony N
Yosef, Ali
Wiegand, Kimberly C
Arion, Kristina
McConechy, Melissa K
Grewal, Diljot S
Lum, A
Alkusayer, Ghadeer M
Alfaraj, Sukinah
McPherson, Andrew
Gomel, V
Bodmer-Roy, Sonja
Aniba, Mohamed R
Wong, Fontayne
Yang, Winnie
Mui, Justin
Gilks, C Blake
Lee, A F
Wahl, Kate
Abdelkareem, Amr O
Klausen, Christian
Hoang, Lien
Zhu, Sean
Misdraji, Joseph
Lai, Daniel
Lawrence, Katherine M
Li-Chang, Hector
--Omitted 76 lower-scoring
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