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Expertise in Glaucoma: HELP
@ New Zealand
Based on 93 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Helen Danesh-Meyer is the top-rated expert in Glaucoma in New Zealand.


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New Zealand
Miscellaneous cities in New Zealand
University of Auckland
Miscellaneous institutions in Auckland
Capital and Coast District Health Board
University of Otago
Wellington Regional Hospital
Auckland District Health Board
University of Otago Wellington
Wellington School of Medicine
University of Otago Dunedin
Miscellaneous institutions in Wellington
Miscellaneous institutions in Dunedin
Christchurch Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Christchurch
Auckland University of Technology
Middlemore Hospital
Danesh-Meyer, Helen
Ang, Ghee S
Kerr, Nathan
Wells, Anthony
Zhang, Jie
Patel, Hussain Y
Best, Stephen
Green, Colin R
Chew, Shenton S L
Molteno, Anthony
Bevin, Tui H
Betz-Stablein, Brigid
Hazelton, Martin
Wong, Tracey
Dempster, Alex G
Hoy, Sheridan M
Wong, Aaron
Rupenthal, Ilva D
Khanal, Safal
Sanderson, Gordon
Dakin, Steve
Acosta, Monica L
Müller, Luzia
Gale, Jesse
Park, Serena J K
LaHood, Benjamin R
Yap, Joel
Prime, Zak
Vaghefi, Ehsan
Frampton, Christopher
Craig, Jennifer P
Braakhuis, Andrea J
Chang, Lily Y L
Vincent, Andrea
Yoon, Jinny J
Betts, Thomas David
Chen, Ying-Shan
Thompson, Andrew M
Lowe, Jennifer
Small, Keith
Chow, Kent
Corbett, Dean
Sims, Joanne L
Holmes, Richard
Patel, Shaheen
Ngan, Kelvin
Duggan, Sean
Garnock-Jones, Karly P
Johnson, Richard
Moore, Sacha
Leong, James
Bennett, Sonya L
Chan, Kenneth C Y
Fraser, Ewan
Matheos, Kaliopy
Insull, Elizabeth
Lim, Julie
Mathan, Joyce J
Devereux, Fenella
Niederer, Rachael L
Buller, Sophie
Jensen, Berit P
Grey, Angus C
Greig, Sarah L
Chou, Chi-Ying
Buller, Alex
--Omitted 36 lower-scoring
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