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Expertise in Glaucoma: HELP
@ Brisbane
Based on 110 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Ravi Thomas is the top-rated expert in Glaucoma in Brisbane.


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University of Queensland
QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
Miscellaneous institutions in Brisbane
Queensland University of Technology
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital
Princess Alexandra Hospital
Griffith University
Queensland Children's Hospital
Ipswich Hospital Queensland
Thomas, Ravi
Macgregor, Stuart
Gharahkhani, Puya
Lee, Graham A
Wood, Joanne
Black, Alex A
Han, Xikun
Lu, Yi
Mishra, Aniket
Law, Matthew H
Ong, Jue Sheng
Chiang, Mark
An, Jiyuan
Mengersen, Kerrie
Lee, Samantha S Y
Cuellar-Partida, Gabriel
Martin, Nicholas G
Sun, Jianguo
Montgomery, Grant
Vincent, Stephen J
Gole, Glen
Hay-Smith, G
Cremin, Katie
Leo, Paul
Howes, Frank
Ng, E
d'Mellow, Guy
Lea, Rodney A
Beesley, Jonathan
Thomas, Aleysha
Barnett, Nigel L
Vincent, Roslyn A
Feigl, Beatrix
Benton, Miles C
Brown, Matthew A
Eccles, David
Summers, Kim
Radford-Smith, Graham
Zele, Andrew J
Haupt, Larisa M
Phillis, Charles A
Sander, Beata P
Mallon, Kerry
Camuglia, Jayne E
Rayner, Cassie L
Srinivasan, S
Sun, Lisa L
Fang Kho, Pik
Newman, Alexander R
Fong, Anthony W
Aujla, Jaskirat S
Gunn, David J
Quagliotto, Gary
Matovinovic, Elizabeth
Ahmed, Kazi Rumana
Bottle, Steven E
Kho, Pik Fang
Fraenkel, Alison
Griffiths, Lyn R
Lam, Tracey
Kuo, Chih-Hung
Caffery, Liam J
Ellis, Jonathan
Whiteman, David C
Xu, Zhi Ping
Taylor, Monica
--Omitted 23 lower-scoring
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