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Expertise in Glaucoma: HELP
@ Chicago
Based on 118 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, R Varma is the top-rated expert in Glaucoma in Chicago.


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US Central Zone
Northwestern University
University of Illinois Chicago
Miscellaneous institutions in Chicago
University of Chicago
Loyola University Chicago
Illinois College of Optometry
Cook County Hospital
Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center
Hines VA Hospital
Central DuPage Hospital
Chicago Medical School
Rosalind Franklin University
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Varma, R
Aref, Ahmad A
Edward, D P
Abu-Amero, Khaled
Tanna, Angelo P
Rosenberg, Lisa F
Vajaranant, T
Grewal, D S
Liu, Yao
Yue, Beatrice Y J T
Wilensky, J
Ying, Hongyu
Hernandez, M
Johnson, Mark
Krupin, Theodore
Gao, Xiaoyi
Lukas, Thomas
Roberts, D
Sarezky, Daniel
Chen, Hui
Miao, Haixi
Giovingo, Michael
Fiscella, Richard
Dikopf, Mark
Kang, Joann J
Fain, Joel
Jampol, Lee M
Nannini, Drew R
Patrianakos, Thomas
Ali, Mohsin
Feng, Liang
Fawzi, Amani
Rudzinski, Marcelo
Martin, E
Davis, Lea K
Rademaker, Alfred W
Sonty, S
Cortina, M S
Kim, Ho-Joong
Park, Meghan S
Mata, David
Koga, Takahisa
Teitelbaum, Bruce A
Vargas-Pinto, Rocio
Bournias, Thomas E
McAnany, J Jason
Munk, Marion R
Cruz, Jose de la
Liu, Xiaorong
Winters, Janis E
Chow, Clement C
Tundia, Namita
Corrao, Kristen
Hu, Jennifer
Lobo, A-M
Turturro, Sanja
Hartsell, William F
Neiweem, Ashley E
Kim, Megan
Sunoqrot, Suhair
--Omitted 79 lower-scoring
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