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Expertise in Glaucoma: HELP
@ Madison
Based on 75 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Paul L Kaufman is the top-rated expert in Glaucoma in Madison.


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US Central Zone
University of Wisconsin
Miscellaneous institutions in Madison
Kaufman, Paul L
Levin, L A
Nickells, Robert
Rasmussen, Carol
McLellan, Gillian J
Miller, Paul E
Gabelt, B'Ann T
Bentley, Ellison
Peters, Donna
Kiland, Julie
Dubielzig, R R
Russell, Paul
Aktas, Zeynep
Murphy, Christopher J
Teixeira, L B C
Young, T L
Tompson, Stuart W
Faralli, Jennifer A
Raghunathan, Vijay
Nork, T Michael
Heatley, Gregg A
Kim, Charlene B Y
Klein, Ronald
Filla, Mark S
Gangaputra, Sapna
Schlamp, Cassandra L
Whisenhunt, Kristina N
Sorenson, C M
Bradfield, Yasmin
Klein, Barbara E K
Maes, Margaret E
Raven, Meisha L
Duke, Felicia D
Beckwith-Cohen, Billie
Potter, Heather D
McDonald, Jessica E
Clark, Ross
Burris, Christopher K H
Buhr, Kevin A
Lee, Kristine E
Sheibani, N
Ver Hoeve, James N
Adelman, Sara
Shinsako, Daniel
Last, Julie A
Dimeo, Kaylee D
Mares, Julie A
Rice, Gregory M
Scott, Erin M
Ghaffarieh, Alireza
Schrieber, Caroline
Trane, Ralph M
Munsey, Kaitlyn M
Langouet-Astrie, Christophe J
Croft, Mary Ann
Gomes, Filipe E
Mac Nair, Caitlin E
Dashek, Ryan J
Schmitt, Heather M
Mavlyutov, Timur A
Crowe, Megan E
Pelzel, Heather R
Polisetti, Sraavya M
Voss, Andrea
Hoeve, James N Ver
Peotter, Jennifer L
--Omitted 21 lower-scoring
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