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Expertise in Glaucoma: HELP
@ Sacramento Davis
Based on 70 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, James Brandt is the top-rated expert in Glaucoma in Sacramento Davis.


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US Pacific Zone
San Francisco Bay area
Sacramento Davis
University of California Davis
Miscellaneous institutions in Sacramento Davis
California State University Sacramento
Northern California Health Care System
Brandt, James
Lim, Michele C
Novack, Gary
Lewis, Richard
Mochizuki, Hideki
Russell, Paul
Schehlein, Emily M
Murphy, Christopher J
Raghunathan, Vijay
Reilly, Christopher M
Wood, Joshua A
Thomasy, S M
Tetz, Manfred
Li, Jennifer Y
Morgan, Joshua T
Gandhi, Nandini G
Choi, S S
McKee, Clayton T
Suhr, Abraham
Okafor, Kingsley
Kass, P H
Brubaker, Jacob W
Mannis, Mark J
Yu, Alfred K
Datta, Sandipan
Ding, Yuzhe
Pan, Tingrui
Werner, J S
Ekiri, A
McMackin, Marissa Z
Cortopassi, Gino A
Maggs, David J
Chang, Yow-Ren
Lee, Samuel H
Chen, Jenny
Von Zup, M
Phinney, Brett
Harake, Ryan S
Dixon, R
Lassaline, M
Salemi, Michelle
Panitch, Alyssa
Patel, Roma P
Wiggans, Kenneth Tomo
Gallegos, Anthony Cole
Yan, John
Eaton, J Seth
Davis, Michael James
Tchanque-Fossuo, Catherine N
Torre, Anna La
Weber, Darren
West, Kaitlyn
Eisentrout-Melton, Angela
Isseroff, Roslyn Rivkah
Peavy, Thomas R
Dahle, Sara Evona
Lassaline-Utter, Mary
Kim, Han
Kim, Esther S
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