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Expertise in Gout: HELP
@ Auckland
Based on 208 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, N Dalbeth is the top-rated expert in Gout in Auckland.


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New Zealand
University of Auckland
Miscellaneous institutions in Auckland
Auckland District Health Board
Counties Manukau District Health Board
Auckland University of Technology
Auckland City Hospital
Middlemore Hospital
Dalbeth, N
McQueen, Fiona
Taylor, W
Doyle, Anthony
Harper, Jacquie
Horne, Anne
Chhana, Ashika
Gamble, Greg
Gow, Peter
Rome, K
House, Meaghan
Pool, Bregina
Aati, Opetaia
Stewart, Sarah
Tan, Paul
Te Karu, Leanne
Jackson, Gary
Vandal, Alain C
Callon, Karen
Cornish, Jillian
Jones, Peter
Shaw, Odette
Franklin, C
Winnard, Doone
Naot, Dorit
Lindsay, Karen
Petrie, Keith J
Kalluru, Ramanamma
McLachlan, Andy
Carroll, Matthew
Reeves, Quentin
Gao, Ang
Knight, Julie
Towiwat, Patapong
Arroll, Bruce
McNair, Peter
Thornley, Simon
Eason, Alastair
Reid, Ian R
Roger, Mark
Lyseng-Williamson, Katherine A
Bursill, David
White, D
Vincent, Zoe
Yang, Lily P H
Derksen, Christina
Otter, Simon
McGlashan, Sue
Lee, Gerald
Sevao, Amy
Siegert, Richard J
Morpeth, Trish
Mawston, Grant
Sapsford, Mark
Boyer, Lucinda
Davidtz, Lisa
Amirapu, Satya
Empson, Victoria G
Bryant, Linda
Kumar, S
Murphy, Rinki
Hutton, Joseph
He, Wendy
Riordan, Peter
Mitnala, Sirisha
Carr, Alexander
--Omitted 42 lower-scoring
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