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Expertise in Hepatitis: HELP
@ Mount Sinai Hospital New York
Based on 304 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, I Jacobson is the top-rated expert in Hepatitis at Mount Sinai Hospital New York.


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US Eastern Zone
New York
New York area
New York City
Mount Sinai New York
Mount Sinai Hospital New York
Jacobson, I
Dieterich, Douglas
Pan, C Q
Des Jarlais, D
Bräu, N
Martel-Laferriere, V
Branch, A D
Fiel, M
Schiano, T D
Friedman, S L
Goossens, N
Bichoupan, K
Fierer, Daniel S
Perumalswami, P
Hoshida, Yujin
Llovet, Josep M
Gutierrez, J A
Tsai, Ming-Chao
Villanueva, Augusto
El-Shamy, Ahmed
Wyatt, C
Vachon, Marie-Louise
Min, A D
Huprikar, S
Wang, Qin
Ward, Stephen C
Perlman, David C
Thung, Swan N
Schwartz, M E
Ono, A
Kushner, Tatyana
Im, G
Feelemyer, J
Lebwohl, Mark
Grewal, P
von Felden, J
Wang, Q
Saberi, Behnam
Luan, W
Blank, S
Zhang, Yizhou
Kotler, D
Roayaie, Sasan
Guo, J S
Evans, Matthew J
Kadri, H
Liu, L
Tomer, Y
McKnight, C
Hiotis, S
Li, Qian
Weiss, J J
Ahmad, Jawad
Tan, P S
Taouli, Bachir
Zhu, Jun
Dieterich, D T
Wang, Wenhui
Ye, Fei
Sclair, Seth N
Eng, Francis J
Dieterich, D
Stivala, A
Chang, Charissa
Nieto, Natalia
Jarlais, Don Des
--Omitted 244 lower-scoring
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