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Expertise in Hepatitis: HELP
@ NewYork-Presbyterian Hospitals
Based on 283 articles published since 2007
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, S Zeuzem is the top-rated expert in Hepatitis at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospitals.


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US Eastern Zone
New York
New York area
New York City
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospitals
Weill Medical College
Columbia University Medical Center
Hospital for Special Surgery
Zeuzem, S
Jacobson, I
Ferenci, P
Flisiak, R
Brown, R S
Zignego, A
Talal, A
Verna, E
Gadano, A
Butt, A A
Diago, M
McPhee, Fiona
Abu-Raddad, L J
Zeremski, M
de Jong, Ype
Dimova, R
Edlin, B
Shafran, S
Marks, K
Gonzalez, S A
Hughes, E A
Noviello, S
Fox, Alyson N
Siegel, A
Chang, Matthew
Glesby, M
Gaglio, P
Schwabe, Robert F
Janczewska, E
Miller, F D
Lefkowitch, Jay
Thabut, D
Moreira, Roger K
Schackman, B R
Liapakis, A
Sigal, Samuel
Knysz, B
Mumtaz, Ghina R
Yin, Philip
Safadi, R
Derbala, M F
Chemaitelly, H
Yan, Peng
Chaabna, K
Dove, L
Todd, C S
Baruch, Yaacov
Abraham, G
Benova, Lenka
Brown, Q
Olsen, Sonja K
Leff, Jared A
Kumar, Sonal
Radhakrishnan, Jai
Lin, Amy
Jesudian, Arun
Lueth, S
Gambarin-Gelwan, M
Abou-Samra, A-B
Mohamoud, Yousra A
--Omitted 98 lower-scoring
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