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Expertise in Hepatitis: HELP
@ University of British Columbia
Based on 219 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, E Yoshida is the top-rated expert in Hepatitis at the University of British Columbia.


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British Columbia
University of British Columbia
St. Paul's Hospital
BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
Vancouver General Hospital
Yoshida, E
Cooper, C L
Howe, A
Krajden, M
Kerr, T
Hussaini, T
Conway, B
Olmstead, A
Ramji, A
Mills, E J
Stramer, S
Janjua, N
Hull, Mark
Buxton, J A
Milloy, M J
Wood, E
Tyndall, M
Thorlund, K
Ti, L
Erb, Stefan
Partovi, Nilu
Druyts, E
Zhu, J
DeBeck, K
Kleinman, Steve
Ghesquiere, Wayne
Kanters, Steve
Bilodeau, Marc
Yu, Amanda
Butt, Z A
Lima, V D
Harrigan, P R
Hayashi, Kanna
Wong, Jason
Montoya, V
Montaner, J S G
Montaner, Julio
Chen, Yuanyuan
Ford, J
Joy, J
Samji, H
Pick, N
Jiménez-Mendez, R
Tang, Patrick
Kwan, Peter
Hogg, R
Poon, A F
Socías, M E
Ko, Hin Hin
Gilbert, Mark
Haque, Mazhar
Nosyk, Bohdan
Hayashi, K
Nosova, Ekaterina
Liang, Richard H
Shannon, Kate
Kim, Edward
McCloskey, Rosemary M
Wong, J
Richard Harrigan, P
Moore, David
Bach, Peter
Jozaghi, Ehsan
Nguyen, Thuy
Jean, François
Pearce, Margo E
--Omitted 185 lower-scoring
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