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Expertise in Hepatitis: HELP
@ Kentucky
Based on 88 articles published since 2008
(Why 88 articles?)
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, R Flisiak is the top-rated expert in Hepatitis in Kentucky.


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US Eastern Zone
US Central Zone
Lexington, KY
Miscellaneous cities in Kentucky
University of Louisville
Miscellaneous institutions in Louisville
University of Kentucky
Miscellaneous institutions in Lexington, KY
Louisville VA Hospital
Norton Children's Hospital
Flisiak, R
Razavi, H
McClain, Craig
Hofmeister, M G
Gower, E
Luo, Guangxiang
Estes, C
Blach, S
Havens, J R
Jones, C M
Anderson, C D
Razavi-Shearer, K
Bays, Harold
Young, A M
Eng, M
Joshi-Barve, Swati
Hughes, Michael G
Jiang, Jieyun
Deng, Zhong-Bin
Stephens, Dustin B
Cun, Wei
Fowler, Benjamin J
Fernandez-Botran, Rafael
Rodell, Timothy
Gelfand, Bradley D
Brock, Guy
Oser, Carrie
Gedaly, Roberto
Kim, Younghee
Kerur, Nagaraj
Marvin, Michael R
Tarallo, Valeria
Garcia, Catherine R
Rosenau, Jens
Cave, Matthew
Leukefeld, Carl G
Beier, Juliane I
King, Thomas
Gobejishvili, Leila
Hirano, Yoshio
Razavi-Shearer, D
Guo, Zhimin
Mei, Xiaonan
Robbins, S
Davis, Eric
Koo, Imhoi
Sabahi, Ali
Zhao, Yantao
Sibley, A
El-Husseini, Amr
Shafii, A E
Barve, Ashutosh
Yasuma, T
Tucker, William W
Kemmler, Charles B
Hurt, Ryan T
Shah, Malay B
Kaiser, J Phillip
Crittenden, Neil E
Acosta, Luis F
Schmelzer, J
Coeshott, Claire
Reddy, Sreelatha
Mohammad, M K
Staton, Michele
Callen, Jeffrey P
--Omitted 59 lower-scoring
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