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Expertise in Hepatitis: HELP
@ Oregon
Based on 119 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Roger Chou is the top-rated expert in Hepatitis in Oregon.


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US Pacific Zone
Portland, OR
Miscellaneous cities in Oregon
Oregon Health Sciences University
Portland VA Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Portland, OR
Oregon State University
Miscellaneous institutions in Corvallis
Providence Portland Medical Center
Oregon Clinic
Chou, Roger
Ahn, Joseph
Jou, Janice H
Hauser, Peter
Ahn, J
Loftis, Jennifer
Chang, Michael
Schmidt, M A
Morasco, Benjamin J
Fuller, Bret
Huckans, Marilyn
Leston, Jessica
Matthews, Annette
Reilley, Brigg
Poissant, Tasha
Thomas, Ann
Henkle, Emily
Cottrell, Erika Barth
Dobscha, Steven K
Korthuis, P T
Lovejoy, Travis I
Maier, M M
Beechler, B R
Galen, Edward
Winthrop, Kevin L
Schlansky, Barry
Deodhar, Atul
Greaves, David W
Finkbonner, Joe
Hum, Justine
Patterson, Alexander L
Burwitz, Benjamin J
Fraunfelder, F W
Anderson, Jeanne
Sonnenberg, Amnon
Lim, Lyndell L
Sandt, Lorren
Wu, He
Kolessar, Michael
Nelligan, Julie A
Grant, Wilmon F
Kriz, Daniel
Jolles, A E
Lundblad, James
Becker, Jennifer
Hettinger, Barbara D
Zook, Carolyn L
Olavarria, Hannah
Smith, J A
Ghetie, Daniela
Finlay, Liam A
Gorsich, E E
Chou, R
Mehraban, Navid
Lim, Carmen
Adams, Melissa H
Anand, Vijay
Crawford, Phil
Whitehead, Ashlee J
Hammond, Katherine B
Strasfeld, Lynne
Sibley, Cailin H
Northrup, Mina
Livingston, Catherine J
Flora, Kenneth D
Nguyen-Truong, Connie K Y
--Omitted 57 lower-scoring
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