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Expertise in Hepatitis: HELP
@ Utah
Based on 125 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, M Charlton is the top-rated expert in Hepatitis in Utah.


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Includes US states, etc.




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US Mountain Zone
Salt Lake City
Logan, UT
Miscellaneous cities in Utah
University of Utah
Intermountain Medical Center
Miscellaneous institutions in Salt Lake City
Miscellaneous institutions in Logan, UT
Brigham Young University
Charlton, M
Lee, W M
Singal, A G
Jain, M K
Ali, Muhammad
Box, Terry
Wang, Yang
Li, Chunhua
North, C
Wang, Qi
Yuan, H J
Hagedorn, C
Mitchell, Mack C
Gowen, Brian B
Fu, Yang
Gallegos-Orozco, Juan F
Webster, Lynn
Yopp, A
Turner, Barbara J
Fu, Sherry
Zickmund, S
Mayo, Marlyn J
Delker, Don A
Zhu, Hao
Pyne, Michael T
Hillyard, David
LaFleur, J
Dick, Travis
Casey, Lisa
Morrey, John
Bailey, Kevin W
Westover, Jonna B
Cuthbert, Jennifer
Scharton, Dionna
Lane, Thomas E
Deneau, Mark
Mallory, Melanie
Schwartz, J J
Gale, Shawn D
Berrett, Andrew
Kim, Robin D
Lee, Juseog
Erickson, Lance D
Motter, Neil
Lindberg, Lance
Campsen, Jeffrey
Liu, Shuanghu
Hedges, Dawson W
Rich, N E
Jensen, M Kyle
Slev, Patricia
Brown, Bruce L
Kim, Jong Hun
Hickerson, Brady T
Book, Linda S
Vest, Zachary
Van Wettere, Arnaud
Guthery, Stephen L
Gopal, Purva
Hernandez, Ludivina
Karnik, Rasika
Nelson, Richard E
Ajmera, V
Odewole, M
Cusick, Matthew F
Ramirez, Debra D
--Omitted 68 lower-scoring
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