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Expertise in Hepatitis: HELP
@ Chicago
Based on 692 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, D M Jensen is the top-rated expert in Hepatitis in Chicago.


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US Central Zone
Northwestern University
University of Chicago
Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center
University of Illinois Chicago
Loyola University Chicago
Miscellaneous institutions in Chicago
Abbott Laboratories Chicago
Lurie Children's Hospital
Illinois Department of Public Health
Rosalind Franklin University
Hines VA Hospital
Chicago Medical School
Cook County Hospital
North Chicago VA Hospital
Mount Sinai Hospital Chicago
Advocate Christ Medical Center
Advocate Children's Hospital
North Shore University Health System
Jensen, D M
Charlton, M
Reau, N
Flamm, S
Nelson, Noele
Tsuge, M
Aronsohn, A
McGovern, B
Liu, Yan
Dahari, H
Pilot-Matias, T
Levitsky, J
Cohen, Dani
Menon, R M
Khatri, Amit
Podsadecki, T
Zhang, Yu
Liu, Wei
Ahn, Joseph
Liu, Li
Jhaveri, R
Asatryan, Armen
Rein, David
Te, H
Cloherty, G
Paul, Sonali
Wang, S-T
Uprichard, S
Polepally, Akshanth R
Cotler, S J
Badri, P
El-Bassel, Nabila
Chen, Xin Y
Schnell, G
Kort, Jens
Krishnan, Preethi
Burroughs, M
Dutta, Sandeep
Mensa, Federico
Ison, M
Li, Hong
Trinh, Roger
Tripathi, Rakesh
Awni, W
King, Jennifer
Vilchez, Regis A
Kulik, Laura
Larsen, Lois
Perumpail, R B
Mobashery, N
French, A
Artz, Andrew S
Yoo, E R
Rodrigues, Lino
Coakley, E
Shulman, N
Reisch, T
Lin, Chi-Wei
Canini, L
Rinella, M E
Beyer, J
Ng, Teresa
Wang, Qi
Collier, M G
Bernstein, B
Lovell, Sandra
--Omitted 781 lower-scoring
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