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Expertise in Herpes Zoster: HELP
@ San Francisco Bay area
Based on 54 articles published since 2007
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, A Arvin is the top-rated expert in Herpes Zoster in the San Francisco Bay area.


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US Pacific Zone
San Francisco Bay area
Palo Alto
San Francisco
Sacramento Davis
Mountain View
Stanford University
University of California San Francisco
Kaiser Oakland
University of California Davis
Miscellaneous institutions in Oakland
Miscellaneous institutions in Vallejo
San Francisco Department of Public Health
Miscellaneous institutions in Palo Alto
Miscellaneous institutions in Mountain View
San Francisco VA Medical Center
Miscellaneous institutions in San Francisco
Kaiser San Francisco
Arvin, A
Zerboni, L
Chakravarty, E F
Reichelt, M
Sommer, Marvin
Sen, Nandini
Hendriksz, Tami
Petersen, K L
Klein, Nicola P
Baxter, R
Oliver, Stefan
Wills, Charlotte Page
Acharya, Nisha R
Genovese, Mark C
Borkar, Durga S
Qi, Qian
Tian, Chao
Cavanagh, Mary M
Habel, Laurel A
Esterberg, Elizabeth
Nour, Adel M
Le Saux, Sabine
Hromatka, Bethann S
Fran├žois, Sylvie
Kiefer, Amy K
Wagar, Lisa E
Lee, Seung-Tae
Janik, James E
Mruthyunjaya, Prithvi
Murray, Sara G
Mitton, Bryan
Eriksson, Nicholas
Mackey, Sally
Levin, Marc H
Nagpal, Agnieszka
Noble, Suzanne M
Goodwin, Tress L
Lidhoo, Pooja
Hu, Jinyu
Schmajuk, Gabriela
Ali, Fatima
Khalil, Mohamed I
Fox, Lindy P
Maecker, Holden
Sakamoto, Kathleen M
Sy, Aileen
Trupin, Laura
Tung, Joyce Y
Swan, Gary E
Hinds, David A
Gensler, Lianne
Chettiar, Alexis
Stier, David M
Katz, Patricia P
Davis, Mark M
Dekker, Cornelia L
Yelin, Edward H
Gonella, Marie C
Singh, Aparajita
Gansky, Stuart A
--Omitted 21 lower-scoring
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