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Expertise in Herpes Zoster: HELP
@ Sydney
Based on 40 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Anthony Cunningham is the top-rated expert in Herpes Zoster in Sydney.


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University of Sydney
University of New South Wales
Westmead Hospital
Westmead Millennium Institute
Miscellaneous institutions in Sydney
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Liverpool Hospital
St. Vincent's Hospital Sydney
Mater Hospital
Cunningham, Anthony
Abendroth, Allison
Slobedman, Barry
Steain, Megan
Macintyre, C R
Beutels, P
McIntyre, P
Heywood, A E
Gowrishankar, Kavitha
Gidding, H
McSharry, Brian P
Newall, A T
Gao, Z
Harrison, Christopher
Wood, J G
Britt, Helena
Blyth, Emily
Gerada, Chelsea
Christensen, Jenna
Campbell, Tessa M
Huch, Jennifer H
Sloan, Elizabeth
Banks, E
Connor, Susan
Clancy, Leighton
Toi, Cheryl S
Macartney, Kristine
Simms, Renee
Karki, Surendra
Korostil, Igor A
MacIntyre, Raina
Wang, Han
Regan, David G
Coulson, Susan
Jardine, A
Liu, B
Micklethwaite, Kenneth P
Ma, Chun K K
Gottlieb, David J
Mahimbo, Abela
Burgess, Margaret
Reekie, J
Thirunavukkarasu, Krishan
Liu, Bette
Menzies, R I
Kaldor, J M
Bye, William A
Wang, H
Burgess, Jane
Novakovic, D
Brown, Rebecca
Kapila, S
Deo, Shivashni
Ellard, Katie
Ng, Watson
Antoniades, Sally
Costantino, Valentina
Alexander, Kate E
Walsh, Alissa J
Tong, Philip L
--Omitted 7 lower-scoring
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