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Expertise in HIV Seropositivity: HELP
@ BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
Based on 42 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, J Montaner is the top-rated expert in HIV Seropositivity at BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS.


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British Columbia
University of British Columbia
St. Paul's Hospital
BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
Montaner, J
Wood, E
Hogg, R S
Kerr, T
Milloy, M-J
Wang, Lu
Kaida, A
Guillemi, Silvia
Lachowsky, N J
Samji, Hasina
Dong, Huiru
Moore, D M
Cui, Zishan
Armstrong, Heather L
Richardson, Lindsey
Sereda, P
Rich, A
Patterson, Sophie
Parashar, Surita
Card, Kiffer
Muldoon, Katherine A
Shannon, K
Moore, David
Hull, Mark
Chan, Keith
Ickowicz, Sarah
Zhang, Wendy
Werb, Daniel
Closson, K
Ti, Lianping
Salters, Kate
Hayashi, Kanna
Min, Jeong
Carter, Allison
Duff, Putu
Milloy, M-J S
Callon, Cody
Harrigan, P Richard
Ahamad, Keith
Shurgold, S
Nguyen, Paul
Lappalainen, Leslie
Jabbari, Shahab
Fairbairn, Nadia
Schilder, Arn J
Pettes, Tyler
Duncan, Katrina C
Kennedy, Mary Clare
Nolan, Seonaid
Lake, Stephanie
Olarewaju, Gbolahan
Anema, Aranka
Kim, Jiho
Markwick, Nicole
Dobrer, Sabina
Osborne, Chuck
O'Shaughnessy, Michael V
Pai, Jay
Cescon, Angela
McNeil, Ryan
Puscas, Cathy
Cui, Z
Bacani, Nicanor
Kesselring, Sarah
Milloy, M J
Simo, Annick
--Omitted 11 lower-scoring
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