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Expertise in HIV Seropositivity: HELP
@ University of Cape Town
Based on 64 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, N Ford is the top-rated expert in HIV Seropositivity at the University of Cape Town.


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South Africa
Cape Town
University of Cape Town
Ford, N
Muller, Elmi
Bekker, L-G
Wood, R
Lawn, Stephen D
Barday, Zunaid
Churchyard, Gavin
Mendelson, Marc
Joska, John
Myer, Landon
Williamson, Anna L
Johnson, Leigh
Hoare, Jacqueline
Gama, Cynthia
Charalambous, S
Gill, Katherine
Hatherill, Mark
Kotze, Philip
Geldenhuys, Hennie
McIntyre, James
McIlleron, Helen M
Louw, Cheryl
Zvada, Simbarashe P
Mabude, Zonke
Coetzee, David
Miti, Nokuthula
Lesosky, Maia
Williamson, Carolyn
Lombard, Carl
Dheda, K
Swart, Luhan
Mbulawa, Zizipho Z A
Akena, D
Kenyon, Chris
Tempelman, Hugo
Novitzky, Nicolas
Mohamed, Zainab
Opie, Jessica
Middelkoop, K
Matebeni, Zethu
Phillips, Tamsin K
Kuo, Caroline
Pascoe, Mellissa
Moodley, Jennifer
Carrara, H
Boyles, Tom
Cluver, Lucie
Brittain, Kirsty
Lehloenya, Rannakoe
Jaumdally, Shameem Z
Maughan-Brown, Brendan
Toska, Elona
Hsiao, Nei-Yuan
Smith, Philip
Meldau, Richard
McPherson, Deidre
Khumalo, N P
Neuhaus, Valentin
Credé, Sarah
Perez, E M
Awotiwon, Ajibola A
Wearne, Nicola
Crede, Thomas
McCulloch, Mignon I
Gouse, Hetta
Dhar, Rohin
--Omitted 39 lower-scoring
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