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Expertise in Hypercholesterolemia: HELP
@ Egypt
Based on 45 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, H I El-Sayyad is the top-rated expert in Hypercholesterolemia in Egypt.


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Miscellaneous cities in Egypt
Mansoura University
El-Sayyad, H I
Abdel-Zaher, Ahmed O
Awad, Kamal
Ibrahim, M
Suddek, Ghada M
El-Ghawet, Heba A
Bakr, Iman H
Korish, Mohamed A
Awad, Nagwa E
Ayuob, N
El Eter, Eman
Shehatou, George S G
El-Sheakh, Ahmed R
Abdali, Nibrass Taher
Al-Haggar, Mohamed M S
Elmansi, Ahmed A
ElRokh, El-Sayed M
Algharably, Engi Abdel-Hady
Yaseen, Awny H
Saad, Dalia Yossri
Ghoneim, Hamdy A
Khamis, Abeer A
Shabana, Mona F
Bakr, Eman H M
El-Lebedy, Dalia
Said, Eman
Soliman, Mohamed Mohamed
Farghaly, Hanan S M
Salama, Afrah F
Mourad, Ahmed A
El-Kirsh, Amal Ashmawy Ahmed
Taha, Ehab I
Rasheed, Enas
Abd El Aal, Hayat A
Ibrahim, Tarek M
Ammar, El-Sayed M
Abbas, Amr M
El-Refaiy, Abeer E M
Abdel-Daim, Mohamed M
Kenawy, Marwa E
El-Shershaby, Effat M F
Baiomy, Ahmed A
Ibrahim, Nahla K
Kafoury, Mona
Mohamed, Adham R
El Rabey, Haddad A
Ahmed, Lamiaa A
Hegazy, A M
Mohamed, Tarek M
Yassin, Magdy Hassan
Salem, Neveen A
Abd-Eldayem, Ahmed M
Elseweidy, M M
El-Mansi, Ahmed A
Mariee, Amr D
Abd-El Haleem, Dalia
Abdel Azeem, A S
El-Sawy, Hanan Basiouni
El-Ashry, Nermeen E
Hassan, Wedad A
Houssen, Maha E
Ezz El-Arab, A M
Awadallah, Eman
Shahy, E M
Fawzy, Hala M
Moawad, Helmy
--Omitted 11 lower-scoring
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