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Expertise in Hypercholesterolemia: HELP
@ University of California San Diego
Based on 32 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, S Tsimikas is the top-rated expert in Hypercholesterolemia at the University of California San Diego.


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US Pacific Zone
San Diego
University of California San Diego
San Diego VA Hospital
Rady Children's Hospital
Tsimikas, S
Witztum, Joseph L
Miller, Yury I
Fang, Longhou
Henry, R R
Diehl, Cody
Gordts, Philip L S M
Yeang, Calvin
Gonen, Ayelet
Kim, Jungsu
Que, Xuchu
Steinberg, Daniel
Palinski, Wulf
Hung, Ming-Yow
Pattison, Jennifer
Stanford, Kristin I
Foley, Erin M
Choi, Soo-Ho
Chen, Zhen
Prohaska, Thomas A
Ryu, Sung Kee
Sun, Xiaoli
Wen, Liang
Martin, Marcy
González, Hector M
Liu, Chao
Schneider, Dina A
Bowden, Karen
Esko, Jeff D
Kim, Young Sook
Lin, Ting-Yang
Agatisa-Boyle, Colin
Quehenberger, Oswald
Schilling, Jan M
Harlow, Kathryn E
Ben-Yehuda, Ori
Mellon, Pamela L
Africa, Jonathan A
Risbrough, Victoria B
Wells, Alan
Sears, Dorothy D
Niesman, Ingrid R
Behling, Cynthia A
Traver, David
Roth, David M
Glass, Christopher K
Patel, Piyush M
Chien, Shu
Shyy, John Y-J
Peterson, Kirk L
Kirwan, Bridget-Anne
Drummond, John C
Patel, Hemal H
Newton, Kimberly P
Zemljic-Harpf, Alice E
Head, Brian P
Schwimmer, Jeffrey B
Allison, Matthew
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