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Expertise in Hypercholesterolemia: HELP
@ Los Angeles
Based on 45 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Prediman K Shah is the top-rated expert in Hypercholesterolemia in Los Angeles.


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US Pacific Zone
Los Angeles area
Los Angeles
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
University of Southern California
Harbor UCLA Medical Center
Miscellaneous institutions in Los Angeles
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System
Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
Good Samaritan Hospital of Los Angeles
Shah, Prediman K
Watson, Karol
Budoff, Matthew
Lepor, Norman
Hong, Cynthia
Tontonoz, Peter
O'Connell, Casey
Rana, Jamal S
Ito, Ayaka
Jackevicius, Cynthia A
Cesena, Fernando H Y
Lee, Stephen D
Brown, Robert
Calkin, Anna C
Kim, Jason
Crimmins, Eileen
Salazar, Jon V
Kim, Jung Ki
Ko, Arthur
Chyu, Kuang-Yuh
Link, Jenny C
Lu, Lingyun
Cantor, Rita M
Bensinger, Steven J
Chen, Xuqi
Fogelman, Alan M
Van Stijn, Caroline M W
Weissglas-Volkov, Daphna
Liu, Yen-Bin
Prien, Christopher
Wu, Xiao-Hui
Nikkola, Elina
Figlin, Robert A
Myerson, Rebecca M
Lusis, Aldons J
Reddy, Prasad M V Linga
Sinsheimer, Janet S
Clemens, Roger
Tangirala, Rajendra I
Brooks, John O
Pasaniuc, Bogdan
Towfighi, Amytis
Martin, Eileen
Cohen, Pinchas
Arnold, Arthur P
Merkin, Sharon Stein
Horwich, Tamara
Forbess, Lindsy
Rajani, R
Reue, Karen
Alvarez, Marcus
Meisel, Simcha R
Levine, Andrew
Rodriguez, Alejandra
Wang, Haimei
Tian, Fang
Miller, Eric
Liebeskind, David S
Wang, Lai
Ailshire, Jennifer A
Sanossian, Nerses
Arias, Ana
Fu, Katherine A
Yang, Mingjie
Desai, Chirag
Halfon, Neal
--Omitted 29 lower-scoring
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