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Expertise in Hypertension: HELP
@ Egypt
Based on 207 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, D G Harrison is the top-rated expert in Hypertension in Egypt.


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Miscellaneous cities in Egypt
Mansoura University
Harrison, D G
Madhur, Meena S
Kirabo, Annet
Chen, Wei
Wu, Jing
Saleh, Mohamed
Itani, Hana
El-Mas, Mahmoud M
Thabet, Salim
Shaltout, Hossam A
El-Bassossy, H
Elmarakby, Ahmed A
Fahmy, Ahmed
Elasfar, Abdelfatah
Abdel-Zaher, Ahmed O
El-Gowelli, Hanan M
Trott, Daniel W
Mahfouz, Ragab A
Helmy, Mai M
Habib, M
Motaweih, Ahmed K
ALrefai, Abeer A
Nassr, Ahmed A
Helmy, Maged W
El Tahlawi, Mohammad
Ibrahim, M Mohsen
Shazly, Sherif A
Badawy, Dina
Mohamed, R H
Faheem, N
El-Meligy, Reham M
Yaseen, Rehab I
Draz, H M
El-Sakka, A
Badran, Hala Mahfouz
Solayman, Mohamed
Hassan, Noura A
Faramawi, Mohammed
Gabr, Mahmoud K
Gouda, Mohammad
Fayed, Amel
Habeeb, Rabab M
Assaad-Khalil, Samir Helmy
Badr, Eman
Mahmoud, Mona F
Mahfouz, Ahmed A
Abd El Motteleb, D M
Elmallah, Ahmed I
Elnoamany, Mohamed Fahmy
Abd El-Aziz, T A
El-Nowiem, Saied
Zakaria, M N M
El-Yazbi, Ahmed
Hammad, Sally K
Boshra, Vivian
Al-Daydamony, Mohammad M
Sayed, Mohamed
Abdelaziz, A
Elshayeb, Elsayed I
Hasan, Ahmed Abdallah
Farghaly, Hanan S M
Saleh, Ahmed S M
El-Din, Mahmoud M Mohy
Khedr, Mohamed M
Yacoub, Magdi
El Sayed, A
--Omitted 259 lower-scoring
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