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Expertise in Hypertension: HELP
@ Wake Forest University
Based on 286 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, B I Freedman is the top-rated expert in Hypertension at Wake Forest University.


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US Eastern Zone
North Carolina
Wake Forest University
Freedman, B I
Ferrario, Carlos
Soliman, Elsayed Z
Chappell, Mark C
Williamson, Jeff
Arnold, Amy C
Varagic, Jasmina
Sink, Kaycee M
Lindsey, Sarah H
Wang, Hao
Wright, C B
Diz, Debra I
D'Agostino, Ralph
Kitzman, Dalane
Rocco, M
Applegate, William B
Zhang, Jie
Bertoni, A
Qureshi, Waqas
Prineas, R
Rodriguez, Carlos J
Evans, Greg
Furberg, Curt D
Shaltout, Hossam A
Sun, Yao
Ambrosius, Walter T
Ahmad, Sarfaraz
Reboussin, David M
Coker, L
Bushnell, Cheryl
El-Bassossy, H
Burke, Gregory
Foy, Capri G
Groban, Leanne
Pajewski, Nicholas M
Li, Wencheng
Bowden, Donald W
Langefeld, Carl D
Craven, Timothy E
Haley, William
Zhang, Yuanyuan
Liu, Yongmei
Ard, J D
O'Neal, Wesley T
Nautiyal, Manisha
Kritchevsky, Stephen
Edwards, Matthew S
Espeland, Mark A
Lovato, Laura
Chen, Haiying
Hicks, Pamela J
VonCannon, Jessica
Hughes, Timothy
Rose, James C
Bostrom, Meredith A
Brosnihan, K Bridget
Yamaleyeva, Liliya M
Skinner, Asheley C
Brinkley, Tina E
Moniwa, Norihito
Gaussoin, Sarah
Hawfield, Amret
Zhang, Zhu-Ming
Palmer, Nicholette D
Isa, Katsunori
Edwards, Lloyd J
--Omitted 163 lower-scoring
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