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Expertise in Hypertension: HELP
@ Indiana
Based on 262 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Rajiv Agarwal is the top-rated expert in Hypertension in Indiana.


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Includes US states, etc.




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US Eastern Zone
US Central Zone
West Lafayette
Miscellaneous cities in Indiana
South Bend
Fort Wayne
Indiana University Indianapolis
Indianapolis Roudebush VA Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Indianapolis
Indiana University Bloomington
Purdue University
Eli Lilly Indianapolis
Purdue University Indianapolis
University of Notre Dame
Miscellaneous institutions in Fort Wayne
Agarwal, Rajiv
Chapman, A B
Georgianos, P
Sinha, Arjun D
Weinberger, M H
Pratt, J H
Hellman, Richard
Tu, Wanzhu
Xun, P
Carroll, A
Bidulescu, Aurelian
Li, L
He, Ka
Wang, Jian
Tang, Hui
Bravata, Dawn M
Tajeu, Gabriel S
Flockhart, D A
Wang, Z
Wang, Yi
Weaver, Connie M
Murray, M
Hendrie, H C
Bhalla, V
Isaacs, A
Pappas, Maria K
Seo, Dong Chul
Eckert, George J
Gao, Sujuan
Unverzagt, F W
Schneider, B P
Miller, Peter
Jung, Jeesun
Basile, David P
Pang, Peter S
Kovacs, Richard J
Harlan, Shannon M
Haas, David M
Chen, Ningning
Miller, K D
Guo, Xiaomei
Zhang, Xi
Zillich, Alan
Wei, Tao
Shen, F
Campbell, Wayne W
Dy, Grace K
Bahler, Clint D
Chaudhary, Archana
Song, Yiqing
Williams, Linda S
Wei, Lei
Wang, Evan B
Walsh, Mary Norine
Radovich, M
Subramanian, Usha
Kassab, Ghassan S
Vincent, A
Chomistek, Andrea K
Breyer, Matthew D
Ferguson, Jared
Heuer, Josef G
Jaynes, Heather
Hou, Yong
Heinz-Taheny, Kathleen M
Cui, Xuewei
--Omitted 270 lower-scoring
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