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Expertise in Hypertension: HELP
@ Minnesota
Based on 811 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, D L Bhatt is the top-rated expert in Hypertension in Minnesota.


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US Central Zone
Rochester, MN
Minneapolis-St. Paul
Miscellaneous cities in Minnesota
St. Cloud
Mayo Clinic Rochester
University of Minnesota
Miscellaneous institutions in Minneapolis-St. Paul
Minneapolis VA Hospital
University of Minnesota Duluth
Hennepin County Medical Center
St Cloud Hospital
Abbott Northwestern Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Duluth
Miscellaneous institutions in St. Cloud
Miscellaneous institutions in Rochester, MN
Bhatt, D L
Sobotka, P
Textor, S C
Taler, S
Lerman, L
Duprez, D
Margolis, K
Borlaug, Barry A
Qureshi, Adnan
Garovic, Vesna D
Joyner, M J
Gilbert, Jeffery
Hart, E C
Turner, S T
Xi, B
Gersh, Bernard J
Jacobs, D R
Osborn, John
O'Connor, P J
Lerman, A
Eirin, Alfonso
Bailey, K R
Textor, Stephen
Somers, V K
Drawz, Paul
Ortiz, Eduardo
Zhang, Xin
Xu, Xin
Lam, Carolyn
Alonso, Alvaro
Cohn, J N
Misra, Sanjay
Sinaiko, A
Knopman, D
Schwartz, G L
Bertog, S
Lynch, A
Regal, Jean F
Zhu, X Y
Li, Jing
Burnett, John C
Rabinstein, Alejandro
Torres, Vicente E
Flammer, A
Barzilay, Joshua
Perrone, Ronald
Parker, E D
Steffen, L
Yang, Yang
Ikramuddin, S
Herrmann, Sandra
Folsom, A R
Chade, Alejandro R
Kullo, I J
Hozawa, A
McKie, Paul
Collins, Allan
Huxley, R
Steinberger, J
Barnes, Jill N
--Omitted 843 lower-scoring
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