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Expertise in Hypertriglyceridemia: HELP
@ Veterans Health System
Based on 27 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Lars Berglund is the top-rated expert in Hypertriglyceridemia at Veterans Health System.


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Includes US states, etc.




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US Federal Service
US Dept of Veterans Affairs
Veterans Health System
Houston VA Medical Center
New York Harbor VA Medical Center
San Diego VA Hospital
Milwaukee VA Hospital
Northern California Health Care System
VA North Texas Health Care System
McGuire VA Medical Center
Providence VA Hospital
VA Palo Alto Health Care System
Minneapolis VA Hospital
Pittsburgh VA Hospital
Southern Arizona VA Health Care System
San Francisco VA Medical Center
Phoenix VA Hospital
Puget Sound VA System
Baltimore VA Hospital
James J. Peters VA Medical Center
Cincinnati VA Hospital
Berglund, Lars
Grundy, Scott M
Popov, Violeta B
Smith, Robert J
Lederle, Frank A
Virani, Salim S
Bloomfield, Hanna E
Papachristou, Georgios I
Jialal, Ishwarlal
Henry, Robert R
Leaf, D
Mudaliar, S
Cheung, Alfred K
Ou, Amy
Zhang, Haiyan
Patel, Shailendra B
Li, Yihang
Hu, Jie
Lu, Biao
Shen, Wen-Jun
Duncan, Erica J
Singh, Madhurima
Lee, Jennifer S
Hou, Xiaoming
Bittner, Alex
Stump, Craig S
Baruch, Lawrence
Siddiqui, Ali A
Bittner, Stefanie
Jain, Deepika
Reaven, Peter D
Cortez, Yuan
Tabassum, Juveria
Kraemer, Fredric B
Azhar, Salman
Nogales, Samantha L C
Horton, Matt
Griffin, Timothy John
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