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Expertise in Hypertriglyceridemia: HELP
@ Los Angeles
Based on 83 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, S G Young is the top-rated expert in Hypertriglyceridemia in Los Angeles.


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US Pacific Zone
Los Angeles area
Los Angeles
University of Southern California
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Harbor UCLA Medical Center
Kaiser Los Angeles
Children's Oncology Group Monrovia
Miscellaneous institutions in Los Angeles
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System
Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
Jules Stein Eye Institute
Young, S G
Beigneux, A P
Fong, L
Ploug, Michael
Allan, Christopher M
Péterfy, M
Ehrhardt, Nicole
Guerrero-Romero, Fernando
Rodríguez-Morán, Martha
Weissglas-Volkov, Daphna
Pajukanta, Päivi
Larsson, Mikael
Budoff, M
Mohrbacher, Ann M
Doolittle, Mark H
Yang, Allen S
Nikkola, Elina
Groshen, Susan
Pullinger, Clive R
Heizer, Patrick J
Cantor, Rita M
Adeyo, O
Sandoval, Norma P
Voss, Constance V
Jung, Rachel S
Tsao-Wei, Denice
Sinsheimer, Janet S
Bedoya, Candy
Jiang, Haibo
Piatek, Caroline I
Yin, Fen
Wu, Bechien U
Wong, Deborah J
Liu, Xiaowei
Tu, Yiping
Yassine, Hussein
Li, Ning
Meiyappan, Muthuraman
Ko, Arthur
He, Cuiwen
Reddy, Prasad M V Linga
Hu, Xuchen
Su, Tien-I Karleen
Haas, Blake E
Towfighi, Amytis
Kim, Claire E
Pandol, Stephen J
Leaf, D
Bassi, Nikhil S
Tontonoz, Peter
Nelson, Michael D
Reue, Karen
Scott, Ronald D
Huertas-Vázquez, Adriana
McMahon, Maureen A
Lu, Shelly C
Dieli-Conwright, Christina M
Patel, Amish A
Drakaki, Alexandra
Pasaniuc, Bogdan
Nguyen, Luan
Li, Zhaoping
Tanner, Jeffrey M
Morales, Jazmin E
Noureddin, Mazen
Brown, Robert
--Omitted 51 lower-scoring
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