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Expertise in Infertility: HELP
@ Miscellaneous institutions in New York City
Based on 133 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, P Schlegel is the top-rated expert in Infertility at Miscellaneous institutions in New York City.


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US Eastern Zone
New York
New York area
New York City
Miscellaneous institutions in New York City
Schlegel, P
Oktay, Kutluk
Gleicher, N
Rosenwaks, Z
Barad, D
Palermo, G
Cheng, C
Neri, Q
Kushnir, Vitaly
Weghofer, Andrea
Reichman, David
Rodriguez-Wallberg, K
Knopman, Jaime
Paduch, D A
Pereira, Nigel
Schattman, G
Albertini, D
Greil, Arthur
Lee, Ho-Joon
Shohat-Tal, A
Cil, Aylin P
Bodri, Daniel
Zhang, Lin
Bolyakov, A
Zaninovic, Nikica
Wantman, Ethan
Pastore, Lisa M
Kashanian, James A
Elias, R
Bedoschi, Giuliano
Wu, Yang
Davis, Owen
Centola, Grace M
Darmon, Sarah
Lee, Richard
Mielnik, A
Li, Na
Grazi, R
Robles, Ana
Rodríguez-Purata, J
Lekovich, J
Wang, Qi
Linhares, Iara
Sen, Aritro
Irani, Mohamad
Zapantis, Athena
Lee, Joseph
van der Poel, Sheryl
Melnick, Alexis
Wan, H T
Spandorfer, Steven D
Goh, Wee Siong Sho
Yu, Yao
Mohammed, Jaaved
Tam, Oliver H
Xu, Kang
Wang, Qian
Johnston, Josephine
Burgess, Ralph
Polis, Chelsea B
--Omitted 69 lower-scoring
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