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Expertise in Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders: HELP
@ Stanford University
Based on 99 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Rachel Manber is the top-rated expert in Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders at Stanford University.


Includes continents




Includes US states, etc.




Includes metro areas










US Pacific Zone
San Francisco Bay area
San Francisco Peninsula
Palo Alto
Stanford University
VA Palo Alto Health Care System
Manber, Rachel
Ong, Jason
Guilleminault, Christian
Siebern, Allison
Suh, Sooyeon
Friedman, Leah
Palesh, Oxana
Bernert, Rebecca A
Zeitzer, Jamie M
Ohayon, Maurice M
Trockel, Mickey
Kaplan, Katherine A
Mignot, Emmanuel
Simpson, N
Babson, Kimberly A
Black, Jed
Taylor, C Barr
Fairholme, Christopher P
Kushida, C
Asarnow, Lauren D
Iwata, Naomi G
Scheiber, Caroline
Yesavage, Jerome A
Cluydts, R
Weiss, Brandon
Kesler, Shelli
Ketter, Terence A
Kuhn, Eric
Hernandez, Beatriz
Sullivan, Shannon S
Jo, Booil
Koopman, Cheryl
Kong, Jiang-Ti
Kraemer, Helena
Aldridge-Gerry, Arianna
Stefanick, Marcia
Gimeno, Julia
Doufas, Anthony G
Chen, Michael C
Assimes, Themistocles
Abad, Vivien C
Ollila, Hanna M
Hoffman, Julia E
Posner, Donn
Chang, Catie
Brown, Mark A
Ruoff, Chad
Jeong, Jiyeon M
Taylor, Katherine
Kurina, Lianne M
Panousis, Periklis
O'Hara, Ruth
Glover, Gary H
Nishino, Seiji
Roberts, Laura Weiss
Wong, Shane Shucheng
Neri, Eric
Rico, Tom
Spiegel, David
Gotlib, Ian H
Johnston, Laura
Lin, Steven Y
Ruzek, Josef I
Giese-Davis, Janine
Ioannidis, John P A
Tantrakul, Visasiri
--Omitted 18 lower-scoring
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