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Expertise in Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders: HELP
@ Illinois
Based on 105 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Jason Ong is the top-rated expert in Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders in Illinois.


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US Central Zone
Miscellaneous cities in Illinois
Springfield, IL
Northwestern University
Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center
University of Chicago
University of Illinois Chicago
American Academy of Sleep Medicine
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Southern Illinois University
Loyola University Chicago
Hines VA Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Chicago
Advocate Christ Medical Center
Ong, Jason
Zee, Phyllis
Crawford, Megan R
Attarian, Hrayr
Wyatt, James K
Heald, Jonathan L
Cvengros, Jamie A
Kravitz, Howard M
Burgess, H J
Baron, Kelly G
Mokhlesi, Babak
Reid, Kathryn J
McGowan, Sarah Kate
Wang-Weigand, Sherry
Van Cauter, E
Larson, Eric B
Kapella, Mary C
Silverberg, Jonathan I
Magee, Joshua C
Knutson, Kristen L
Crisostomo, M Isabel
Medalie, Lisa
Arena, Ross
Facco, Francesca L
Herdegen, James J
Anderson, Samantha L
Belcher, Ren
Spampinato, Lisa
Meltzer, David O
Cifu, Adam S
Grobman, William A
Abbott, Sabra
Greenland, Philip
Zollman, Felise S
Behar, Evelyn
Arora, Vineet M
Milad, Mohammed R
Carnethon, Mercedes
Wolfe, Lisa
Park, Margaret
Cella, David
Carter, Jason R
Roy, Anuja N
Garg, Nitin K
Winter-Rosenberg, Carolyn
Lee, Young Jun
Grimaldi, Daniela
Mahableshwarkar, Atul R
Keenan, Kate E
Mody, Reema
Hawkley, Louise C
Carley, David W
Paller, Amy S
Waite, Linda
Park, YoungAh
An, R
Fishbein, Anna B
Kim, Sooyeol
Grossman, Mila N
Ziv-Gal, Ayelet
Hennessy, Mary Dawn
Luhmann, Maike
Taylor, Hannah Lund
Rawashdeh, Oliver
Azizoddin, D R
Mittal, Vijay
--Omitted 60 lower-scoring
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