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Expertise in Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders: HELP
@ Research Triangle
Based on 94 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, A Krystal is the top-rated expert in Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders in Research Triangle.


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US Eastern Zone
North Carolina
Research Triangle
Duke University
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Durham VA Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Research Triangle
Glaxo Wellcome Research Triangle
North Carolina State University
Krystal, A
Edinger, Jack
Ulmer, Christi
Goforth, Harold
Preud'homme, Xavier
Hughes, Jaime
Sánchez-Ortuño, Maria M
Wohl, David
Low, Yinghui
Rush, A J
Omonuwa, Toma
Keefe, Francis J
Bosworth, Hayden B
Gaynes, Bradley N
Caspi, Avshalom
Chen, Jiu-Chiuan
Rissling, Michelle
Calhoun, Patrick S
Moffitt, Terrie E
Goldman-Mellor, Sidra
Beckham, Jean C
Moloney, Mairead Eastin
Reeve, Bryce B
Harrington, HonaLee
Jeffreys, Amy S
Basch, Ethan
Bell, Christopher
Gierisch, Jennifer M
Montserrat Sánchez-Ortuño, M
Kirby, Angela
Nicole Hastings, S
Van Meter, Anna
Sowa, Nathaniel A
Resick, Patricia A
Coffman, Cynthia J
Evans, Joanna L
Howard, Matthew O
Kuchibhatla, Maragatha
Colon-Emeric, Cathleen S
Bengtson, Angela
Allen, Kelli D
Bainter, Sierra A
Sotres-Alvarez, Daniela
Pacek, Lauren R
Combs, Kory
Oddone, Eugene Z
Pence, Brian W
Perreira, Krista
Bendz, Lisa M
Pae, Chi-Un
Yancy, William S
Parker, Corette B
Park, Eliza M
Worley, Gordon
Simon, Sidney A
Allaire, Jason C
Zullig, Leah L
Patkar, Ashwin A
Daughtry, Rommie L
Hunter, Shannon M
--Omitted 27 lower-scoring
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