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Expertise in Lung Neoplasms: HELP
@ Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust
Based on 152 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, James Spicer is the top-rated expert in Lung Neoplasms at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust.


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United Kingdom
London, EN
Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust
Guy's Hospital
St. Thomas' Hospital
Spicer, James
Nair, Arjun
Goh, V
Cook, G J
Lal, Rohit
Landau, D B
Cane, P
Billè, A
Yip, Connie
Nonaka, D
McLean, E
Toufektzian, Levon
Lal, R
Okiror, Lawrence
Routledge, Tom
Szyszko, Teresa
Pilling, John
Breen, R
Nair, A
Spicer, J
Arbane, G
Klabatsa, Astero
Harling, Leanne
Mak, S M
Harrison-Phipps, Karen
Murphy, D J
King, Juliet
Kristeleit, Hartmut
Calonje, E
Soultati, A
Veres, Lukacs
Dua, D
Tobal, Khalid
Moonim, M
Hughes, Simon R
Murphy, David
Hall, Peter E
Neat, M J
Veraitch, O
Smith, Sara-Jane
Thomas, Rachel
Nimmo, Camus
Joseph Withey, Samuel
Lynn, Rebecca
Bhargava, K
Gillon, Stuart A
Michalarea, Vasiliki
Schleyer, Paul J
Moriarty, B
Hak, Charleen Chan Wah
Calcasola, Matthew
Sivakumar, Parthipan
Peat, Nicola
Connolly, Bronwen
Hart, Nicholas
Royle, L
Puchakayala, Madhusudan
Mallipeddi, R
Ahmed, Liju
Mallia, A
Daly, Kathleen
Spiliopoulos, Stavros
Whittaker, S
Jeljeli, S
Izatt, Louise
Mandegaran, Ramin
--Omitted 17 lower-scoring
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