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Expertise in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: HELP
@ Toronto
Based on 285 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, I N Bruce is the top-rated expert in Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic in Toronto.


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University of Toronto
University Health Network of Toronto
Toronto Western Hospital
Hospital for Sick Children
Mount Sinai Hospital Toronto
Toronto General Hospital
Princess Margaret Hospital
St. Michael's Hospital
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Women's College Hospital
Institute for Work and Health
Miscellaneous institutions in Toronto
York University
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Ontario Cancer Institute
Bruce, I N
Urowitz, M
Gladman, D
Silverman, E
Touma, Z
Nikpour, M
Sánchez-Guerrero, J
Bargman, J
Wither, J
Su, Jiandong
Tselios, K
Toloza, S
Levy, D M
Ibañez, D
Parker, B
Feldman, B
McGaha, Tracy L
Loh, C
Cheung, Y-H
Tyrrell, P
Hiraki, Linda
Pau, E
Laskin, Carl
Landolt-Marticorena, C
Medina-Rosas, Jorge
Barber, C
Benseler, S
Su, J
Johnson, S R
Kamphuis, Sylvia
Barsalou, Julie
Chang, N-H
Fragoso-Loyo, H
Reich, Heather
Shinde, Rahul
Bradley, T
Al Rayes, Hanan
Harvey, Paula
Brown, Patrick
Hladunewich, Michelle A
Manion, K
Jaeggi, E
Baglaenko, Y
Lim, Lily S H
Chandran, V
Koo, M
Lajoie, G
Mittoo, Shikha
Li, Timothy
Scholey, James
Al Dhanhani, A M
Halaby, Marie Jo
Lunt, Mark
Aghdassi, Elaheh
Avila-Casado, Carmen
Yap, Kristy S
Morrison, Stacey
Prokopec, Stephenie D
Haddad, A
Hezaveh, Kebria
Gignac, Monique A M
Noamani, Babak
Sabapathy, Arthy
Talaei, Nafiseh
Zhu, Lan
Williams, Sara
--Omitted 149 lower-scoring
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