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Expertise in Macular Degeneration: HELP
@ Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Based on 75 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, V Chong is the top-rated expert in Macular Degeneration in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


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Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Hong Kong
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Joint Shantou International Eye Center
Prince of Wales Hospital Hong Kong
University of Hong Kong
Miscellaneous institutions in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Queen Mary Hospital
Caritas Medical Centre
United Christian Hospital
Chong, V
Lai, T Y Y
Chen, Li J
Chen, Haoyu
Pang, Chi Pui
Ma, Li
Liu, David T L
Tam, P O S
Brelen, Marten E
Liu, Ke
Lam, Dennis
Cheung, Carol Y
Lam, Wai-Ching
Young, Alvin L
Chung, C Y
Gu, Hong
Wong, Ian
Ng, Danny S
Chiang, Sylvia W Y
Lai, Frank H
Chen, Xue
Ng, Tsz Kin
Chan, Wai Man
Rong, Shi Song
Chan, Carmen K
Ho, Mary
Tang, Fang Yao
Chen, Weiqi
Liang, X Y
Chen, Jianhua
Mohamed, Shaheeda
Wan, Xiang
Yang, Can
Gangwani, Rita
McGhee, S
Bakthavatsalam, Malini
Chu, Wai Kit
Wong, Raymond L
Chan, Vicki
Chan, Kwok-Ping
Chan, Christina K W
Lee, Jacky
Iu, Lawrence
Tsang, C W
Li, Zhen
Lian, J
Li, K K W
Bakthavatchalam, Malini
Cao, Di
Yip, P P
Wong, David S H
Ho, Yuen-Shan
Yeung, Ian Y
Sin, Helena P Y
Fung, Nicholas S
Li, S H
Liu, David Tl
Chen, L J
Ng, T K
Yam, Gary Hf
Fong, Angie H C
Sze, Amy M
Tam, Pancy Os
Cheuk, Isabella-Wai-Yin
Lai, Timothy Yy
Wong, Samson Sai-Yin
--Omitted 24 lower-scoring
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