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Expertise in Macular Degeneration: HELP
@ Atlanta
Based on 52 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Steven Yeh is the top-rated expert in Macular Degeneration in Atlanta.


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US Eastern Zone
Emory University
Centers for Disease Control Atlanta
Morehouse University
Georgia State University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Miscellaneous institutions in Atlanta
Yeh, Steven
Payne, John F
Olsen, Timothy W
Zhang, Xinzhi
Saaddine, Jinan
Grossniklaus, Hans E
Reddy, Ashvini K
Chou, Chiu-Fang
Morohoshi, Kei
Hubbard, G Baker
Dilks, Daniel D
Zhang, Qing
Ho, Vincent
Jiang, Yi
Bruce, Beau B
Cheng, Qi
Phillips, Christopher O
Janssens, A Cecile J W
Chrenek, Micah A
Uppal, Karan
Fan, Amy Z
Qu, Zhiqiang
Primo, Susan A
Smith, Jesse
Khoury, Muin J
Bhatia, Shagun
Rashid, Alia
Jin, Peng
Xiao, Qinghuan
Liu, Yu-Ying
Gianesini, Coralie
Nickerson, John M
Hiragaki, Susumu
Liao, Albert
Jones, Dean P
Robinson, Hershonna S
O'Keefe, Ghazala A Datoo
Boatright, Jeffrey H
Barnes, Claire S
Liu, Ken
Maa, April Y
Dalal, Nupur
Chasan, Joel E
Tosini, Gianluca
Norris, Keri L
Rahman, Hassan T
Tran, ViLinh
Hutmacher, Dietmar
Beckles, Gloria L
Rothenberg, Richard
Hebson, Carolyn B
Lynch, Mary G
Hendrick, Andrew M
Hao, Hua
Ferdous, Salma
Il'yasova, Dora
Gibson, Maria V
Patel, Shivangi
Kulshreshtha, Ambar
Donaldson, Kevin J
Marshall, Leisa L
Delaune, William
Skelton, Henry
Wu, Wenfei
See, Thonnie Rose O
Saadine, Jinan
--Omitted 5 lower-scoring
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