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Expertise in Macular Degeneration: HELP
@ Manchester, UK
Based on 78 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, É Souied is the top-rated expert in Macular Degeneration in Manchester$uk.


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United Kingdom
Manchester, UK
Manchester Academic Health Science Centre
University of Manchester
Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust
Manchester Royal Eye Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Manchester, UK
Manchester Royal Infirmary
St Mary's Hospital Manchester
Souied, É
Clark, Simon J
Bishop, Paul N
Aslam, T
Raychaudhuri, S
Keenan, T D
Day, Anthony J
Balaskas, Konstantinos
McLeod, D
Mahmood, S
Stanga, P E
Senra, Hugo
D'Souza, Yvonne
Murray, I J
Makridaki, M
Ali, Zaria
Carden, D
Jones, Richard P O
Muqit, Mahiul M K
Parry, Neil R A
Tan, Shi Zhuan
Tahir, Humza J
Roberts, Stephen A
Black, G C
Rodrigo-Diaz, Elena
Rycroft, Catherine
Jalil, A
Kelly, Jeremiah M F
Thorell, Mariana R
Zaki, Haider R
White, Anne M
Steeples, Laura R
Hoyle, David
Langford-Smith, Alex
Jones, N P
Manson, Forbes D
Pickford, Claire E
Ahmad, Nur A
Cossu, Giulio
Mills, J O
Holley, Rebecca J
Cacho, Isabel
Tilakaratna, Viranga
Ramsden, S
Rhodes, Catherine
Chadburn, Andrew J
Lin, Wanchang
Fraccaro, Paolo
Dowsey, Andrew W
Tammaro, Paolo
Pearson, Isobel
Merry, Catherine L
Prosperi, Mattia
Jasani, Kirti Madhukar
Sharaf, Nazar
Rog, David
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