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Expertise in Macular Degeneration: HELP
@ San Diego
Based on 99 articles published since 2007
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Kang Zhang is the top-rated expert in Macular Degeneration in San Diego.


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US Pacific Zone
San Diego
University of California San Diego
Scripps Clinic and Research Institute
Miscellaneous institutions in San Diego
San Diego VA Hospital
Sharp Healthcare
Zhang, Kang
Freeman, W
Krohne, T U
Kozak, I
Chhablani, J
Cheng, Lingyun
Grob, S
Bartsch, D-U
Friedlander, Martin
Ferrara, Napoleone
Du, H
Barteselli, G
Ayyagari, Radha
Mojana, F
Kurihara, Toshihide
You, Qi
Brar, M
Chen, Yuhong
Basile, A S
El Emam, Sharif
Jain, Atul
Hulleman, John D
Falkenstein, I
Arcinue, Cheryl A
Muftuoglu, Ilkay K
Alam, Mostafa
Usui, Yoshihiko
London, Nikolas J S
Westenskow, Peter D
Nigam, N
Zhao, L
Vasireddy, Vidyullatha
Lee, Byung Ro
Ferreyra, H
Mata, Nathan L
Marra, Kyle
Gomez, M L
Morrison, Victoria L
Ouyang, Hong
Tammewar, A M
Espina, M
Lee, J
Mendoza, Nadia
Nguyen, Duy H
Hartmann, Kathrin
Luo, Hongrong
Camacho, Natalia
Gaber, Raouf
Lillo, ConcepciĆ³n
Perlee, Lorah T
Lee, Su Na
Kelly, Jeffery W
Shah, Ankur M
Williams, David S
Treweek, Jennifer B
Zhu, Jie
Aguilar, Edith
Marchetti, Valentina
Tsai, Frank F
Moon, Sang Woong
--Omitted 50 lower-scoring
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