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Expertise in Melanoma: HELP
@ Manchester Academic Health Science Centre
Based on 169 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, P Lorigan is the top-rated expert in Melanoma at the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre.


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United Kingdom
Manchester, UK
Manchester Academic Health Science Centre
University of Manchester
Christie Hospital and Trust
Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust
Manchester Royal Infirmary
Manchester Royal Eye Hospital
Lorigan, P
Green, A
Marais, R
Olsen, C M
Wellbrock, C
Arozarena, I
Viros, Amaya
Cook, Martin
Fusi, A
Dhomen, N
Khoja, L
Hurlstone, Adam
Valpione, S
Gremel, G
Smith, Michael P
Dive, C
Rowling, Emily J
Ferguson, Jennifer
Zelenay, Santiago
Miskolczi, Zsofia
Exley, Mark A
Margison, G P
Ranson, M
Watson, A J
Davies, L
Jose, A
Ross, G L
Walker, Paul
Brunton, Holly
Wallingford, S C
Bonavita, Eduardo
Smith, O J
Mandal, A
Young, Helen
Gaudy, Caroline
Barriuso, Jorge
Oudit, Deemesh
Hyrich, K L
Mistry, Hitesh B
Shenjere, Patrick
Erice, Oihane
Fernandez Del Ama, Laura
Molassiotis, A
Chapman, Anna
Dixon, W G
Jones, Mary
Ferguson, J
Lee, Jessica
Goicoechea, Ibai
Giurisato, Emanuele
Brunton, L
Wallace, A
Ballestrem, Christoph
Knight, David
Melis, M H M
Turner, S
Kershaw, Christopher J
Atherton, Paul
Carisey, Alex
Mercer, Louise K
Dee, Christopher T
Lausecker, Franziska
Craig, Sarah
Badrock, Andrew
Pinkham, Mark B
Nagaraju, Raghavendar T
--Omitted 56 lower-scoring
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