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Expertise in Melanoma: HELP
@ Seattle
Based on 196 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, J A Thompson is the top-rated expert in Melanoma in Seattle.


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US Pacific Zone
University of Washington
Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Miscellaneous institutions in Seattle
Seattle Children's Hospital
Puget Sound VA System
Virginia Mason Medical Center
Benaroya Research Institute
Swedish Medical Center Seattle
Thompson, J A
Margolin, K
Bhatia, Shailender
Moon, James
Lyman, Gary H
Othus, Megan
Cranmer, Lee
Lee, Sylvia
Grossman, David C
Yee, C
Byrd, David R
Snyder, Alexandra
Chien, A J
Chapuis, Aude G
Kulikauskas, R
Moon, R T
Piepkorn, M
Knezevich, Stevan
Roberts, Ilana M
Chow, Laura Q M
Elmore, J
Mirzaei, Hamid R
Cao, Jianhong
Bowen, Deborah
Li, Lin
Reisch, Lisa
Lai, Ivy
Lucero, Olivia M
Chamberlain, M
Biechele, Travis L
Sloan, Heather L
Frederick, Paul D
Zhao, Ge
Wagener, Felecia
Phillips, William R
Nelson, Michelle H
Stacey, A W
Greenberg, Philip D
Yang, Pei-Tzu
Shibuya, Kendall
Argenyi, Zsolt
Ruddell, A
Perdicchio, Maurizio
Wallen, Herschel
Paulson, Kelly G
Silva, Daniel-Adriano
Rogers, Heather D
Pierce, R
Yu, Shawn
Meischke, Hendrika
Pennock, Gregory
Shankaran, Veena
Dai, Min
Ulge, Umut Y
Emerson, Ryan
Burke, Wylie
Roh-Johnson, Minna
Unger, Joseph M
Thurman, Robert
Shah, Arish N
Smith, Tyrel T
Sandstrom, Richard
Cimino, Patrick J
Moffett, Howell F
Stonick, Jason A
Bhatia, S
--Omitted 186 lower-scoring
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