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Expertise in Migraine Disorders: HELP
@ Merck and Co
Based on 69 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, M Bigal is the top-rated expert in Migraine Disorders at Merck and Co.


Includes continents




Includes US states, etc.




Includes metro areas










Multinational BioPharma
Merck and Co
Merck Whitehouse Station
Merck West Point
Merck Rahway
Bigal, M
Ho, T W
Salvatore, C A
Hargreaves, R
Lines, C
Connor, K
Ho, A P
Assaid, C
Kane, S A
Bell, Ian M
Moore, E L
Zhang, Ying
Hewitt, David
Ng-Mak, Daisy
Michelson, David
Golden, W
Blanchard, R
Han, T
Bachman, Robert
Hostetler, Eric D
Rodgers, A
Paone, Daniel V
Katic, Bozena
Fan, Xiaoyin
Joshi, Aniket D
Dupre, Nicole
Voss, Tiffini
Xu, Yan
Hu, X H
Sanabria-Bohórquez, Sandra
Ge, Yang
Fan, Hong
Hustad, Carolyn M
Insinga, Ralph P
Burgey, Christopher S
Zeng, Zhizhen
Purcell, Mona
Hu, Henry
Ge, Joy Yang
Ceesay, Paulette
Gantert, Liza
Seeburger, Jeffrey L
Selnick, Harold G
Behm, M O
Gallicchio, Steven N
Lynch, Joseph J
Stump, Craig A
Riffel, Kerry
Mitchell, Adele A
Nguyen, Diem N
Strickler, Nancy
Williams, Mangay
Xu, Ruifeng
Koppenhaver, Janelle
Ramsey, Karen
O'Malley, Stacey
Potteiger, Craig M
Xu, Feng
Li, Chi-Chung
Gottwald, Regina
Williams, Theresa M
Mosser, Scott D
Mahoney, Erin
Chabi, Almira
Du, Lihong
Harper Mozley, Lyn
--Omitted 37 lower-scoring
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