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Expertise in Migraine Disorders: HELP
@ University of California San Francisco
Based on 149 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, P J Goadsby is the top-rated expert in Migraine Disorders at the University of California San Francisco.


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Includes US states, etc.




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US Pacific Zone
San Francisco Bay area
San Francisco
University of California San Francisco
San Francisco VA Medical Center
Goadsby, P J
Lipton, R
Gelfand, Amy
Buse, D
Holland, P R
Akerman, S
Hoffmann, Jan
Viana, M
Pozo-Rosich, P
Schankin, C
Andreou, A
Qubty, William
Maniyar, F
Chou, Denise E
Ptáček, Louis
Levin, Morris
Supronsinchai, Weera
Irwin, Samantha
Tso, Amy R
Eller, Michael
Afridi, Shazia
Allen, I E
Chai, Nu Cindy
Patniyot, Irene
Maasumi, Kasra
Moon, HeuiSoo
Summ, Oliver
Charbit, A R
Storer, R J
Biagianti, B
Sharon, Jeffrey D
Nagy, A J
Fullerton, Heather J
Grimes, Barbara
Seo, Young
Ferrari, L F
Reider, Amanda C
Gelfand, Jeffrey M
Levine, J D
Dufka, Faustine L
Guterman, Elan L
Greene, Kaitlin
Park, JungWook
Yurgionas, Brian
Ito, Hiroyuki
Trujillo, Andrew
Nelson, Alexandra B
Riggins, Nina Y
Scheinman, Melvin M
Rowbotham, Michael C
Guo, Christine C
Mathes, Erin F
Araldi, Dioneia
Shiboski, Stephen
Formeister, Eric J
Blecha, Joseph
Classey, J D
Pletcher, Mark J
Mathew, Rammya
Zhao, Yonglie
Seeley, William W
Murphy, Stephanie T
Avins, Andrew
Green, Paul
Lasalandra, Michele P
Green, P G
--Omitted 34 lower-scoring
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