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Expertise in Migraine Disorders: HELP
@ Rochester, MN
Based on 75 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, F M Cutrer is the top-rated expert in Migraine Disorders in Rochester$mn.


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US Central Zone
Rochester, MN
Mayo Clinic Rochester
University of Minnesota Rochester
Cutrer, F M
Smith, J H
Mack, Kenneth J
Robertson, Carrie E
Staab, Jeffrey P
Garza, Ivan
Boes, C J
Eggers, Scott D
Shepard, Neil T
Shuster, Lynne T
Black, D F
Benarroch, Eduardo E
Neff, Brian A
Bundrick, John B
Litin, Scott C
Faubion, Stephanie S
Rabinstein, Alejandro A
Popescu, B F Gh
McCaslin, Devin L
Youssef, Paul E
Swanson, Jerry W
Mielke, Michelle M
DeLange, Justin M
Scantlebury, Dawn C
Marnach, Mary L
Cook, Katlyn
Best, Patricia J M
Rollene, Nanette L
Vincent, Ann
Khanipour Roshan, Sara
Whealy, Mark
Noheria, Amit
Cain, Meghan R
Singh, Tarun D
Metzler, Abby I
Salmela, Michael B
Chen, Dong
Jack, Clifford R
Mandrekar, Jay
McKinney, Alexander M
Rubin, Mark N
Chen, Tiffany Y
Kissoon, Narayan R
Knopman, David S
Grengs, Leah R
Moon, Justin S
Tweet, Marysia S
Post, Jason
Whipple, Mary O
Seshadri, Ashok
Maloney, Patrick R
Smith, Ryan M
Cesmebasi, Alper
Nanda, Sanjeev
Jones, Lyell
Sandroni, Paola
Bauer, Brent
Asirvatham, Samuel J
Mohabbat, Arya B
Thompson, Karla J
Daniels, David J
Welker, Kirk M
Miller, Virginia M
Goetting, Jay C
Link, Michael J
Hammes, Amber E
--Omitted 25 lower-scoring
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