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Expertise in Multiple Sclerosis: HELP
@ Birmingham, AL
Based on 162 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, R Motl is the top-rated expert in Multiple Sclerosis in Birmingham$al.


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US Central Zone
Birmingham, AL
University of Alabama Birmingham
Miscellaneous institutions in Birmingham, AL
Birmingham VA Hospital
Motl, R
Cutter, G
Sandroff, B
Salter, A
McAuley, E
Ness, J
Cofield, Stacey
Benveniste, Etty
Wohler, J
Gibson, Sara A
Mark, Victor W
Barnum, Scott
Taub, Edward
Qin, Hongwei
Liu, Yudong
Uswatte, Gitendra
Chamot, E
Bashir, Khurram
Wang, Guoqiao
Morgan, C
Sasaki, Jeffer E
Bowman, Mary H
Yang, Wei
Cederberg, Katie
Morris, David M
Gupta, Sahil
Rajbhandari, Rajani
Yan, Zhaoqi
Adams, Terrie L
Rinker, J
Hu, Xianzhen
Rowse, Amber L
Nozell, Susan
McKay, Staci
Meares, Gordon P
Zafar, Abu
Gerstenecker, Adam
Ramos, Theresa N
Baird, Jessica F
Marson, Daniel C
Dowdy, Sarah
Harrington, Laurie E
Ross, K A
Nozaki, Kenkichi
Lowry, Kathleen
Barstow, Elizabeth A
Myers, Terina
Harris, Yolanda
Allendorfer, Jane B
Mobley, James A
Triebel, Kristen L
Martin, Roy C
McWilliams, Ian L
Inusah, Seidu
Reed, William R
Rimmer, James H
Yin, Jie
Womble, Brent
Weinmann, Amy S
Cala, Cather M
Buckley, Jessica A
Hicks, Jarrod M
Liu, Yuliang
Vanderbom, Kerri
Zhang, Xiao
Moseley, Carson E
--Omitted 34 lower-scoring
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