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Expertise in Obesity: HELP
@ University of Tennessee Memphis
Based on 167 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, C P Kovesdy is the top-rated expert in Obesity at the University of Tennessee Memphis.


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US Eastern Zone
US Central Zone
University of Tennessee Memphis
Le Bonheur Children's Hospital
Methodist University Hospital Memphis
Baptist Memorial Healthcare Memphis
Kovesdy, C P
Krukowski, R
Han, J C
Makowski, Liza
Dickerson, Roland
Molnar, M Z
Dagogo-Jack, S
Johnson, Karen C
Fowke, Jay
Kitabchi, A
Hare, M E
Gosmanov, Aidar R
Huang, Y
Mihalko, William M
Stanfill, A
Coday, M
Cashion, A
Hochberg, I
Li, JingJing
Woodman, G
Berlin, Kristoffer S
Tylavsky, F
Thurston, I B
Fain, John N
Klesges, Robert C
Satterfield, Suzanne
Cowan, P
Sands, Chris W
Bridges, Dave
Wan, Jim Y
Alemzadeh, R
Nyenwe, E
Agarwal, Manyoo
Shibata, David
Harvey, Innocence
Stephenson, Erin J
Zucker-Levin, Audrey
Tran, Quynh T
Wallace, Jessica L
Gilbert, Shawn R
McCullers, Jon
Azar, Frederick M
Ferry, R J
Brocato, B
McAllan, Liam
Hathaway, D
Li, Rongling
Self, Timothy H
Lu, Jun Ling
Banerjee, Souvik
Tolley, Elizabeth A
Kasim, Nader
Baver, Scott B
Giel, Dana W
Brown, Chester W
Stewart, Matthew
Oliphant, Carrie S
Smith, Webb A
Dickson, Paxton V
Dong, Qin
Black, Dennis D
Mari, G
Singh, Nikhlesh K
Liao, Francesca-Fang
Bahouth, Suleiman W
Askari, Hasan
--Omitted 85 lower-scoring
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