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Expertise in Obesity: HELP
@ British Columbia
Based on 371 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, S Lear is the top-rated expert in Obesity in British Columbia.


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Includes US states, etc.




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British Columbia
Miscellaneous cities in British Columbia
Prince George
University of British Columbia
Miscellaneous institutions in Vancouver
Simon Fraser University
St. Paul's Hospital
Vancouver General Hospital
University of Victoria
British Columbia Cancer Agency
University of Northern British Columbia
Royal Jubilee Hospital
Lear, S
Finegood, Diane
Panagiotopoulos, Constadina
Chanoine, J-P
Kieffer, T J
Sellers, E A C
Campbell, Kristin
Lutes, Lesley
Hutcheon, J A
Mâsse, Louise
Ayas, Najib
Cho, Young Mi
Harris, Kevin C
Faulkner, Guy
Murphy, Rachel
Foulds, H
Barr, Susan
Frank, Lawrence
Little, J P
Watts, Allison W
Devlin, Angela
Levings, M K
Tucker, L
Amed, Shazhan
Sarrafzadegan, N
Gotay, C
Gasevic, D
Johnson, James D
Lam, R W
Templeman, Nicole M
Boyle, T
Bond, D J
Road, Jeremy
de Niet, J
Clee, S M
Naylor, P
Lim, Gareth E
Han, Jonathan M
Shea, S
Lesser, I A
Tu, Andrew
Guenette, Jordan A
Collier, Abby C
Wu, D
Gill, J S
Wan, Zhongxiao
Gibson, W T
Denroche, H C
Wu, Dan
Torres, I J
Cote, Anita T
Temple, V A
Ghosh, Sanjoy
Harden, Samantha M
Skovsø, S
Chu, Yen
Durrer, Cody
Metzger, Daniel
Glavas, M M
Kim, Su-Jin
--Omitted 445 lower-scoring
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