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Expertise in Osteoporosis: HELP
@ NewYork-Presbyterian Hospitals
Based on 176 articles published since 2007
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, J Bilezikian is the top-rated expert in Osteoporosis at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospitals.


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Includes US states, etc.




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US Eastern Zone
New York
New York area
New York City
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospitals
Columbia University Medical Center
Weill Medical College
Hospital for Special Surgery
Bilezikian, J
Watts, N
Gennari, L
Cosman, F
Shane, E
Lane, J M
Siris, E
Cohen, Adi
Dempster, D
Yin, Michael T
Nieves, J
Cremers, S
Nickolas, T L
Stein, E
Pickar, J H
Karsenty, G
Warren, M
Yadav, Vijay K
Silva, B C
Costa, A G
Nishiyama, K
Cusano, N E
Cipriani, C
Lorich, D G
Dam, T-T
Park-Min, Kyung-Hyun
Vogiatzi, Maria G
Cohen, A
Bandeira, Leonardo
Tsay, Jaime
Kousteni, S
Gausden, Elizabeth B
Shim, Jae-Hyuck
Sutter, Stephanie
Walker, Marcella D
Rebolledo, Brian J
Oberfield, Sharon
Kurra, Salila
Domínguez, J
Lee, F-Y
Inose, Hiroyuki
Lowe, H
Compton, Jocelyn T
Rosenwasser, Melvin
Pollack, Lauren R
Honkanen, Lisa A
Carmel, A S
Einstein, Andrew J
Cuellar, Derly
Mendelsohn, Felicia A
Jo, J E
Sum, Melissa
Margolis, Kara Gross
Fink, Dorothy A
Pack, Alison M
Bogunovic, Ljiljana
Abraham, Alice
Hagey, Allison R
Soung, Do Y
Mukherjee, Rupa
--Omitted 10 lower-scoring
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