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Expertise in Osteoporosis: HELP
@ University of California San Francisco
Based on 256 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, S Khosla is the top-rated expert in Osteoporosis at the University of California San Francisco.


Includes continents




Includes US states, etc.




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US Pacific Zone
San Francisco Bay area
San Francisco
University of California San Francisco
San Francisco VA Medical Center
Khosla, S
Bauer, D
Cummings, S
Orwoll, E
Black, Dennis
Cawthon, P M
Shoback, D
Schwartz, A V
Link, T M
Genant, H
Baum, T
Harris, S T
Lang, T
Burghardt, A J
Kim, Kyoung Min
Barrett-Connor, E
Schafer, A L
Majumdar, Sharmila
Patsch, J
Lui, Li-Yung
Carballido-Gamio, Julio
Vittinghoff, E
Shepherd, J
Palermo, L
Blackwell, Terri
Harrison, S L
Stone, K L
Black, D M
Kagan, Risa
Cheng, Cheng
Li, Xiaojuan
Kazakia, Galateia
Fields, Aaron J
Issever, A S
Frassetto, L
Gersing, Alexandra S
Wang, Liping
Lu, Ying
Katzman, W
Parimi, N
Yu, A
Ewing, Susan K
Jobke, B
Peters, Kathy Wilt
Krug, Roland
Schwaiger, Benedikt J
McNabb, Brian
Donaldson, Meghan G
Bauer, Jan S
Mackey, Dawn C
Wustrack, R
Kim, Tiffany Y
Chiba, Ko
Peters, Katherine E
Majumdar, S
Bonaretti, S
Hue, Trisha F
Pasco, Courtney
Nevitt, M
Ettinger, B
Burch, S
Sarsour, Khaled
Dole, Neha S
Heilmeier, Ursula
Peters, Katherine
Xu, Kai
--Omitted 116 lower-scoring
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