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Expertise in Osteoporosis: HELP
@ Iowa
Based on 72 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Susan J Curry is the top-rated expert in Osteoporosis in Iowa.


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Includes US states, etc.




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US Central Zone
Iowa City
Miscellaneous cities in Iowa
Des Moines
University of Iowa
Iowa City VA Hospital
Iowa State University
Miscellaneous institutions in Des Moines
Agricultural Research Service Ames
Curry, Susan J
Janz, K F
Edmonds, S
Cram, P
Wolinsky, F D
Glass, Natalie A
Torner, James C
Letuchy, Elena M
Schlechte, J
Burns, Trudy L
Saha, P K
Jones, M P
Datta, M
Lou, Y
Solimeo, S L
Eichenberger Gilmore, Julie M
Snetselaar, Linda
Lu, Xin
Hall, S F
Levy, Steven M
Lou, Yi
Shibli-Rahhal, A
Chen, Cheng
Xiu, Yan
Liu, Yinxiao
Wallace, Robert
Pittman, Cory B
Bennett, D
Amelon, R
Dudley-Javoroski, S
Jin, Dakai
Hellstein, John W
Mathews, Katherine
Patterson, Jason
Marchini, Adriana Mathias Pereira da Silva
Rustom, Hani
Fiordellisi, Wendy
Seaman, Aaron T
Bathla, Girish
Vaughan-Sarrazin, M
Wang, Tang-Chuan
Rungprai, Chamnanni
Shields, R K
Nguyen, V T
White, Katherine
Steffen, Melissa
Den Hartog, Taylor
Petrie, M A
Nguyen, V-T T
Mendy, Angelico
Doo, Taisha
Gao, Yubo
Schweizer, Marin
Li, Cheng
An, Guohua
McHenry, C L
Amendola, Annunziato
Healy, Heather S
Mahajan, Manju
Cheng, Chen
Swenson, Erik D
Al-Zougbi, Asma
Houston, Caroline
Ullrich, F
Phisitkul, Phinit
Marchini, Leonardo
--Omitted 22 lower-scoring
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