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Expertise in Pancreatic Neoplasms: HELP
@ University of Michigan
Based on 261 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, D Simeone is the top-rated expert in Pancreatic Neoplasms at the University of Michigan.


Includes continents




Includes US states, etc.




Includes metro areas










US Eastern Zone
Ann Arbor
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor VA Center
Simeone, D
Crawford, H
Rhim, Andrew
Ben-Josef, Edgar
Lyssiotis, Costas A
Zalupski, M
Kim, Edward
Halbrook, Christopher J
Scheiman, J
Francis, I R
Al-Hawary, Mahmoud
Kwon, Richard
Lawrence, Theodore
Anderson, Michelle
Bednar, Filip
Pasca Di Magliano, Marina
Griffith, Kent A
di Magliano, M P
Cho, Cliff
Sahai, Vaibhav
Abel, Ethan V
Morgan, Meredith
Zhang, Yaqing
Shi, Jiaqi
Jiang, Wei
Zhang, Min
Parsels, Leslie A
Zhang, Qiang
Urba, Susan
Minter, Rebecca M
Wang, Lidong
Collins, Meredith A
Parsels, Joshua D
Williams, Terence
Nagrath, Sunitha
Zhang, Tao
Zhao, Lili
Karnak, David
Takeuchi, Kenneth K
Lubman, David M
Li, Ling
Yang, Huibin
Lohse, I
Zhu, Jianhui
Zhen, David B
Sun, Yi
Yan, Wei
Waghray, Meghna
Wu, Jing
Greenson, Joel K
Omenn, Gilbert S
Nathan, Hari
Khan, Gazala
Li, Hua
Ljungman, Mats
Maybaum, Jonathan
Li, Chen
Davis, Mary
Mathew, Esha
Frankel, Timothy L
Tan, Zhijing
Li, Yanyan
Kumon, R E
Palmbos, Phillip L
Burns, William
Tang, Wenhua
--Omitted 231 lower-scoring
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